The quality horses bring forth in us are the so often the hidden and unseen roots of feminine energy. Some of those qualities include softness, raw boundaries, swift and gentle assertiveness and receiving through presence.

You’ll always see a good horse person shift their energy when approaching a horse, just as a horse shifts its energy on approach to us, there is a timeline which is put into place through the practice of seeing the other, and in seeing the other in a moment of stillness in one’s approach there is a softening of who one IS in order to receive, and in receiving guidance offered, there is love.

Love in this instance is more than the ‘good feeling’ we are used to; it is the inherent witnessing and acknowledgment of the wholeness of the other.

Anyone who has ever touched a horse from this place of sensitivity understands how willing they are to meet us in that sensitivity. That person knows because they have been ready to offer safety through their receptivity. A horse receives energetic information through filaments in its consciousness, just as we do, and in order for us to see this we must first be the open bridge to understanding.

Anyone who has been around a horse knows how direct they can be, in this directness there is only love and a willingness to connect for how can we connect with one another if we are not direct?

When we come into the presence that is offered in nature there is just this….this flow….this flow of direction, this guiding force of what is and a horse will always let us know! A horse will always let us know what message it is giving.

Connection with our divine nature lives in the heart. When we show up from, when we are here with and when we relate to each other from that place, that soft assertive boundary of self-definition comes in so fast so it can be received as the message which is needed, in perfect softness, in perfect grace, in perfect love.