Over the last week and a half, I have been working with Toby on his own away from the others. It was a calling to connect with him at a deeper level. To let him know that I will do everything in my capability to create a space of love for him to be in. What this also means is me being hyper aware of many different personal elements too, for example: Where my energy is, where my thoughts are, what my focus is applied to. As much as I want to let him know he is safe with me he is already acutely aware of where my energy so it actually has to be a two-fold experience because we are sharing space.

Day 1 and 2 were all about listening to each other. Going through the waves of Toby being away from the herd and me being open to acknowledging his needs free of conditions.

Day 3 he moved towards me. The current of energy between us had shifted into a more productive, action orientated frequency. We spent time focusing on the physical aspect of being together. Ground work, flexion, stretching etc. I wanted to really show him how much I care about him, how I am prepared to LISTEN to what he needs. At the end of day 3 we stood together, falling into a deep state of silence. Expanding through the vastness of space in each of our beings. Our bodies holding steady whilst the flow of experience unfurled.
Time dissolved as all I knew was his eye, his presence, his message. Here in this place where all things merge into the known and unknown – here I felt at home again.

As we stood in this way, I became aware of all things. The depth of where we had expanded into and the physical dimension as well. Feeling my feet on the ground whilst simultaneously experiencing the infinite vastness of where we were. The bifold way of being.

The following days with Toby have been an advancement of physical and energetic connection in this way. Focusing on the groundwork and then entering DEEP space together.

Our relationship has changed completely. Where I felt he was so attached to the others to the point of neediness and insecurity he has now begun to adopt much more confidence, he feels much happier away from the herd and his energy is different too. Now, as soon as we see each other there is a connection. The foundation has been laid for both of us to grow from in that ‘togetherness’ which the horses had been repeatedly telling me to tap into.
Their bond is solid, the herd bond is something I am currently stepping INTO, it is not something I feel I am yet a part of to the degree I want to be. Through this connecting however, all things are possible. Entering such a deep space of ‘seeing’ with each other, a new fibre is created. One of assurance. My message of commitment to him has been heard.

We now ‘know’ each other on a different level.
As people, where can we know each other on a deeper level? Where can we hold space for authenticity to thrive?
There isn’t just one way of being in this world. We have the ability to flex the muscles of inner arrangement to the point of CREATING compatibility by virtue of our intention to do so. What if we called to those places in our lives where we know more sharing can be had. More truth. More depth. More MEANING. We are all on the same boat moving towards a destination which exists because of our power to create it in the first place.