I have always had a fascination with the Unseen aspects of life. Always wanting to dig deeper, to find a tunnel through what is into the meaning of things. The mystery of the world we see, the world within.

Obscuring this need to discover more, at some point I shut off from all things ‘Magic’, from the etheric beauty of what we call form. The horses are helping me re-discover this, everyday a little bit deeper into the Unknown. A little bit further beyond the boundaries of what I perceive to be a ‘safety’ arena. Leading me to question everything. Eventually a tumbling of totality will occur, guiding me down into the chasm of the present moment. Through thought and into the un-thought world. There is a stream which we all come from, it is as much a fact as the molecular structure of the air we breathe throughout the day, we all come from the same stream of energy. The horses ignite this remembrance easily, as though a simple glance tells all things.

Animal Communication is a way of tapping into this stream of consciousness, in my opinion it is a currency of truth. Horses demand ultimate authenticity and are therefore masters of adept personality refinement. No one can stand near a horse without feeling a sense of unfolding. The people who are courageous enough to look themselves in eye, in the heart, in the soul, are the ones who will dive deeper into the mystery these incredible beings hold.
Our Horses also hold an ancestral link to the companions we have made space for in our lives. They are all here for a reason, they are here to be heard, to listen to you, to call your authentic self forward so that a space of mystical reverence can be experienced again and again. It is not a trap, a misguided representation or a control method, our horses simply need us to dig deep and take responsibility for how we are feeling, for who we are being and how we can express what we have inside us! What I am learning more and more everyday is that for this Unseen world to be traversed I need to dig deep into the space between worlds inside me. The horses’ message this morning was – Find that ‘Self’ inside you which is also inside us – Find this Self.

What is coming forward at this time is a new type of surrender. A deep archetypal transference which transcends concept and instead reigns through Oneness. Ultimatum and beyond. The horses have me, their presence is a beacon as I gently un-peel layers of conditioning, layers of beliefs, layers of habitual reasoning. Sometimes we have to go to a whole new place to recognize where we were, stand in a whole new energy, a whole new way, a whole new sense of Self.

Is there a slip between what we dream and what we know to be true in our ‘awakened’ state? I think so. This realm, this world, what if someone told you you were dreaming and meant it? What if we touched a fabric of real time and felt it fall away between our fingers, between our thoughts. What if the construct of the world we see could just as easily morph into a whole new tapestry? Our thoughts are powerful, especially when we step up as the bearer of their direction and will. A whole new world can be created through the power of thought-stream-consciousness. Perhaps what you touch today is not real unless you make it so. What would you tap into now? A whole new way of being, or a deeper sense of knowing what truly living in your power feels like?