A horse’s presence is an invitation to look at
the core of who you are.

My Herd Family

I consider my herd to be part of my heart and soul family. We share a mutual understanding of commitment to each other. In their presence much of my unravelling as a person has taken place, through the power of their authenticity & deep ability to reveal truth. In turn, I do my best to give them the highest form of care possible, including my own presence of mind, body and spirit as well as nutritional, physical, mental, and emotional support.

Building rapport within the ‘family’ dynamic has taken time,  a deep connection was established when we all came together, that mutual choice to exist communally for however much or little time is necessary – the intrinsic ‘family’ bond however is derived from a willingness to find out what the other needs, who they are, how they express themselves, and to share space in a state of absolute stillness – allowing the movement in relationship to unfurl. Here is some information about each member of the Herd. What I find interesting is how, over time, I am sure this will change. As we grow together the perspective I have of them now will grow in turn.


At 21yrs old Toby is the herd’s carer. He takes it upon himself to look after the others, including me. Always rushing to the side of one who needs it. For me Toby is ‘Unconditional Love’. His heart energy is enormous.
Prior to joining the herd Toby belonged to my father for 10 years. From the first day I rode him I knew there was a special connection between the two of us. I fell in love instantly. I was attracted to his sensitivity and his ability to connect with the rider in a deep, wise way. Standing close to Toby one can feel an instant relationship begin to form.

Toby is the one who teaches me about being gentle. There is a difference between sensitivity through awareness and the need for gentle interaction. One is the ability to cue variant forms of energy, the other is a need to communicate through the art of subtle, almost transparent signals. He is acutely sensitive to his surroundings, before approaching him I have to ground and slow down otherwise the smallest action can become too much and he will move away.


Florenzo is the first Horse I bought. We met in Argentina in 2012 when he was a 5 year old stallion, our journey together has been intense and in many ways deeply life changing. For me Florenzo is ‘Powerful’. As a grounded spirit in this world his energy is profound. Florenzo is the alpha of the herd.

One of the main points along Florenzo’s healing journey has been helping him come into his body and be as grounded as he is. He would often noticeably drift off into higher realms , where he would stay causing any physical imbalances to become more pronounced. Coming back into his body means he has had to engage with himself in a way which I can resonate and mirror in my own road of transformation. He teaches me about this, about being grounded and standing in my own power, and about the courage to embody oneself.


The matriarch of the herd Olympia, also 21yrs old, is another ex-polo horse. Olympia is the ‘worker’ of the herd. She knows what her job is and enjoys putting her strength & power to good use. Everything she does is precise and carefully focused upon. Oli is also the Queen of letting me know when I need to change my energy. Where Florenzo will stay close to you and communicate through proximity, Olympia does the opposite, walking away as a sign.

In the last year I have noticed Olympia’s energy transform from independent and (almost) aloof to deeply nurturing. Always the one to rarely engage Olympia is now sharing a beautiful mothering energy. This alone is an enormous shift for her and I feel a deeper connection with her now than I ever have. What she achieves in healing her physical body is extraordinary, along with Florenzo she has transformed her body in a way which matches the currency of her Spirit residing within.


Latina is angelic. She has a very light energy about her and as an incredible mover she looks and feels like the youngest even though she is a few years older than Florenzo. Watching her grow as a personality has been fascinating. She combines her light fairy nature with the inherent qualities of a herd mare who knows her place. She engages with life in a way which at times I forget to – with curiosity and playfulness. She also loves a group meditation! Sitting with them in the field she is the first to come over to me and will stay for much longer than I have often made time for. Latina also came from Argentina. She is extremely agile and sensitive to pressure which heightens this sense of lightness mixed with a perfect amount of grounded awareness.

Latina is an ‘instant smile’ energy. She brings lifts to my day when they are needed. She teaches me about lightness, how to stay with an open heart and mind, and also how to be grounded in the playfulness of each moment.