Healing happens because we make space for it.

My Story

I first knew I wanted to work with horses when I was 11 years old. Every summer I was surrounded by polo ponies, I began grooming and schooling as many horses as I could, that deep love was always with me.

I began by riding as much as I could, being with horses – riding them, connecting to them on the ground, hearing them – felt natural enough for me to not notice how distinct this relationship was. I found solace in experiencing this connection. I think even from that age I noticed that they were (and still are) my biggest teachers.

I changed course a few times during my teenage years, working in the music business and travelling a lot. I eventually made it back to horses at 21 and decided  I was set to be with them forever. I began working the polo seasons again, after a serious fall in Argentina I worked one more season, then realised it was time for me to do something to help horses, to give back, to learn about them in a more holistic manner.

I trained in Applied Equine Behaviour, Equine Craniosacral, Animal Communication, and Animal Healing. Then in 2015 I changed course again and began studying Human behaviour / emotions / process instead. Eventually I learned to combine the two fields, as my horses taught me that we are all one so what effects the horse effects the human and vice versa.

I took 6 months out to travel the world and clear my head before I finally found my way back to Horses. It started with me taking up a grooming position at a Polo yard in London, then working the yearling sales in New Zealand. I spent a lot of time in Argentina where, one early summer morning, everything changed again. I had bought a Horse (Florenzo) who I planned to finish breaking in and fly to England for the start of the Polo Season (May). Everything seemed so simple, planned out, organised, until he had other plans for me. One morning after breaking into a canter he exploded into a bunking fit which came ‘out of no-where’, I was thrown into the air twisted over landed flat on my back.

This wasn’t any ordinary fall, I knew there was a deeper reason for what had taken place.  After various different broken bones and a wounded sense of pride and self-confidence, I was faced with the decision of what to do with Florenzo. It was a crux point in my life; I could see the two paths ahead of me. One where I would carry on with my same old behaviour and one where I would be guided to better myself for him to be heard on a deeper level.  Florenzo had been ‘difficult’ from the get go and prior to the big fall I had already had a few plummets to the ground. Deciding to keep him in my life was, as I see it now, the first step on a continuous road of evolution with a Soul who has become one of my dearest companions.

From that day forward, the road to where I am now has not been easy but I believe that the best journeys are filled with trials which cause us to look within to a world where we find growth. After bringing Florenzo to England I acquired two more horses, one from Argentina, and one from the UK. Florenzo and I struggled to get on, my fear of being hurt by him ultimately pushed me to find ways to connect beyond the ‘norm’, so I decided to dive into the world of healing in order to do something to give back to the animals who had been such an enormous part of my life up until that point.

As many people do who ‘hear the call’ I signed up for a number of different modalities starting with Animal Communication and Applied Equine Behaviour. As soon as the research, reading and general path began I was hooked; absorbing all the information I became a sponge for the work. The day I began my first Craniosacral Book it changed my life. I found myself blown open to the world of magic I had dreamed of. I poured all of myself into the study. Treating horses, working with their bodies on this level felt amazing. I went along doing what I could until one day a series of events led me to fully embrace and acknowledge the power of the relationship, connection, and energy between the human / owner and the horse. I began to witness horses who were not ready to make the physical emotional and mental shift until the owner was ready to grow as well. It was undeniable, and still is to this day.

From then on, I began a fervent search into the psyche of the human in relation to themselves and the world around them. I took up my NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, and Coaching training and spent 1 year dedicated solely to working with humans until again, it was time for a change. After this I eventually landed in a place where I knew it was time to merge the two together. To marry everything I had learned about horses with my human (clientele and personal) experience. I saw clearly, through my own experiences with my herd and with other people & humans together, how the Horse and Human are one. This became a truth which settled into my being completely. Today, this truth is at the core of my practice. Constantly spurred on to go deeper with this by my own herd, through various emotional triggers in their behaviour and physical ailments in my own body which are mirrored in theirs, amongst other things.

I believe in the dynamic relating potential of the Human and the Horse, I believe that we are meant to connect through walking the earth together, sharing awareness as a form of expanded consciousness and re-learning who the ‘other’ is as a matter of love.

Healing comes in many forms and my work is geared towards this understanding. Ascending from a place of blame, separation and unbalanced energy – into a world of balance through witnessing the connection all beings have with their environment, their place in the world, and with each other.