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It is my passion & mission to connect the divine nature of horses with the divine nature of humans.

All horses have a special message for us.

When we choose to listen to what our horses have to say we remember the effect we all have on one another and at what level.

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Kind Words…

I would HIGHLY recommend Dilara. Her skill, her knowledge and great wisdom in how she works is incredible. She is authentic and true and has this innate sense to know where the deeper issues are. Dilara you are one of a kind.

Marcia O Regan
Founder of Glow your true colours

Dilara, the incredible soul that she is, visited me in India after offering to work with my equines. All 15 of them!
My horses/donkeys are all rescues. After a life of neglect and abuse, they are now retired at my equine sanctuary where they continue to heal, both emotionally and physically, from their turbulent pasts. So, to trust someone enough to allow them to work so closely with my troubled babies was not easy. Not until I met Dilara.
She herself has this resonating divine energy, which I’m sure every horse (and human, no doubt) picks up on instantly. A true horse whisperer, it’s no wonder that my animals responded so beautifully.
Watching her work not only blew me away but was also a gorgeous learning process.
She has inadvertently allowed me an even deeper bond with my animals by opening up a new world of understanding and feeling, which I now treasure.
I absolutely recommend every horse owner out there to open their minds and hearts to this special kind of healing. And I can safely say there’s no better person in the world to trust your animals with than this fantastic human.

Zoha Jung

Dilara came to see my lovely mare, who is a bit aloof with most people, however she connected with Dilara right away and trusted her to work with her. She gave me some good advice and messages from my mare to be able to work together and move forward. Dilara has a big heart and a special gift.

Helen Gilbert

Dear Dilara came to visit my lovely herd, and particularly to meet Stan. Stan has been through a great deal in his life. As an Equine Healer myself, Stan has communicated with me some of his traumas.
Dilara is the only one of a very select few, besides me, Stan has ever allowed to touch his scary side. He is a truly amazing pony and I love him so much.
I knew he was going to trust her, as he doesn’t generally let anyone near him in the field and Dilara very nearly caught him!
Dilara picked up Stan’s scary side very quickly and sent healing into it. Stan reacted by jumping on me! He really did not know what he was doing and it really was a reaction to a memory. Stan has a very stiff right shoulder, and walks like an old man. Within a few days of Dilaras visit, Stan was visibly less stiff and has gone from strength to strength.
Dilara, if you ever have any doubt creep into your head, about your ability or belief as a healer, remember that one single moment. Thank you again from both of us

Lesley Wells

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