What is an Electromagnetic Field (EMF)? 

Everything is energy, that much we know. Science has carved out a place for this fact and it’s now up to us to ground this lens into our habitual ways of thinking, seeing, feeling and experiencing life. Each physical item we come into contact within our environment emits a stream of energy which has a certain ‘charge’ to it, this charge is also called an ‘field’ of energy and within this ‘field’ exist different ‘frequencies’ of energy as well. This overall structure of charge and frequency is called an ‘electromagnetic field’. Why electromagnetic? Electric currents are produced by the charge of accelerated particles which are present in all physical matter, and magnetic currents are produced by the movement of this charge of energy.

Biological organisms (plants, animals, humans, cetaceans etc) produce a ‘bio-electromagnetic’ field, ‘bio’ here signifies ‘life.’ Different parts of the body emit distinctive strengths of EMF. The heart, power centre that it is, generates the most influential and wide-ranging electromagnetic field of the human body, the same goes for horses whose whole body B-EMF is said to be five times the size of ours. Scientists have discovered, along with Shamans and Gurus throughout ages, that the heart contains within it a collection of neurological pathways which cause it to act as another brain, or gateway of transmitted information.

This quote from Mayte Roger’s, Equine Coach and HeartMath Certified Trainer explains:

‘It has been found that our heart has a network of neurons (40,000) that work autonomously, much like a small brain. These neurons send signals directly to our brain. Despite its size, the electromagnetic field generated by this neurological system ranges from 90 centimetres to 2 metres, while the electromagnetic field generated by the brain itself oscillates between 3 centimetres and 2’5 metre.’

 Every electromagnetic field around physical life on Earth is affected and essentially ‘fed’ by universal energy which passes through the filters of our emotions, what we eat, believe, think, say, how we choose to act, who we spend time with, our location, other EMFs (planes, phones, etc.) what we wear (synthetic or organic fibres), and our hereditary make up. It’s safe to say then that our B-EMFs are highly sensitive and acutely tuned into how we go about our days.

A field of energy, any field of energy, can enter a state of coherence (unity) or incoherence (disorganisation). The same is true for the B-EMF around ours and our horse’s bodies. When we are in a state of peace, joy, or love, the collective field of energy around us becomes coherent. When we are in a state of fear, anger, pain etc. the field around us becomes incoherent. The principle of ‘entrainment’ in physics shows us how, when in close proximity, two streams of energy will ‘lock’ into one another creating an enhanced and ultra-coherent resonance.  Studies show that the coherent field is actually the one to entrain the incoherent field which means that a unified state of being has a more all-encompassing effect on us and our environment.

How does this relate to and effect our horses?

Understanding energetics help us to open up to an expanded form of relating at a deeper, more influential level

Dr Masaru Emoto, a well-known Japanese researcher who used water molecules as the subject of his experiments, claimed that human consciousness has the power to change molecular structure through the influence of our words and intentions.

Similar studies have been done with plants, wrapping plants in prayers or saying a few loving words with loving intention twice a day has been proven to produced healthier and more vibrant vegetation and as we know – our words, actions, thoughts, feelings etc. all feed our B-EMF so from this perspective, is it our words doing the work? Or is it the inherent energetic make-up of who we become in those moments which effects the energetics and thus physical form of the life in front of us?

If humans can affect plants and water in this way then you better believe we can and do affect our horses, beyond the area and away from tack our presence and their presence in our lives, affects us. It is a truth we simply need to acknowledge so that both species can benefit in a conscious way. As we’ve seen above, energy affects energy and everything IS energy; therefore, nothing exists without being indirectly or directly, consciously or unconsciously affected by the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions etc. of those around us because our B-EMF is made up of those things. Horses are naturally heart centred beings, their Soul passages through the heart in an organic and steady way.

Our awareness of this concept alone has the potential to create a shift in our perception of how our horse’s experience the world around them, and with this enhanced understanding we appreciate how the energetic effects on the physical body extend beyond what we see with our eyes, into what exists outside the realms of standard perception.

Another factor here is that a horse’s EMF is also affected by, amongst other things, physical alignment and trauma to the body. Body work, healing, alternative medicine and an overall engagement in improving physical balance from the ground up is, in the current paradigm of domesticated horses, one of the primary ways to help the body upon up so that more universal energy can feed their B-EMF which results in an enhanced field of energy which in turn contributes to healthy meridians, a balanced nervous system and visceral health as, again, everything effects everything else!! It’s all connected.

When we choose to look at and experience the world through this lens of energy and connectivity; holding a space of clarity and coherence within us with the intention to connect at a deeper level with our horses through the heart can become a new and natural way to understanding them beyond what we may already know on the surface.

Remember: Energy affects energy – and – everything is energy.

How are we affecting our horses today? And how are our horses affecting us in ways we can learn to be more intimately aware of? Ways which most definitely contribute to a greater, more coherent way of co-existing on this planet.


Mayte Roger’s article on Cardiac Coherence: https://coachingconcaballosnp.com/en/cardiac-coherence-the-inner-power-horses-reveal-to-us/