Horses are prey animals. What this means is that their ability to tune into their environment is one the most safe guard giving abilities they have. As I watch my horses I notice their DISTINCT capacity to tune into Mother Nature, it is quite extraordinary!

Now, for those of you who do not know; an Empath is a person who is also highly attuned to THEIR environment. This includes people, places, animals, scenarios, events, food and anything else you can think of that we come to meet in our day to day lives. Many people associate someone who is empathic to being ‘extra sensitive’, emotionally, physically etc to other people. However being an Empath essentially means that your sensitivity not just to the people in your world but also your WHOLE world is of an ACUTE degree. It is my personal belief that we actually ALL have empathic abilities once we turn them to ‘on’ enough to allow them to flow again.
When I was a child my abilities meant that the world actually seemed like a very scary place, intense, powerful, and in constant need of a type of navigation I just did not feel that I had at the time. So, like many people who are this sensitive I shut it all down. I said ‘no’ to the intensity and ‘yes’ to what I believed at the time
was an ‘easier’ way of functioning.

However as my world and work with animals continues to deepen the tides have changed. The sensitive nature of MY being I have discovered is in direct proportion to the sensitive essence and necessity of existence in the Horses (this includes Dogs as well however I will write more about them another time). They rely on being ‘Empathic’ with the world around them, including each other of course, in order to function in a harmonised way. The power of how present they are is at times even alarming to me as it brings into direct contrast how delicate the ‘nature of the beast’ truly is. And how truly valuable ones sensitive abilities ARE!

I watch them send ‘invisible’ messages to one another in such subtly that it takes a certain type of etheric or invisible nature in myself to witness. Every day I am held with the lesson of how to BE more like them in order to SEE at a deeper level what they are saying, and ultimately portraying as animals who have roamed with us for thousands of years.

I invite you to ask yourself on a daily basis – ‘Where do my sensitivies lie?’ ‘How can I become more attuned to my world so that I can see, hear, and feel at a much more profound level if needs be?’ ‘How can I become more attuned to my environment, with awareness and grace?’

Also ask ‘How do I currently feel about ‘being sensitive’ in general?’
In order to tune into our Horses from a different level it is important that we access the dimensions within us which are a match to theirs. That we also ride the wave of how THEY do things so that how we do things becomes much more complete, together.

Translating this out into the human world; we interact with people EVERYDAY. Even if you are taking a solo retreat out in nature away from the MASSES you still EXIST in an environment which is contributed to by many many others. As the Horses do so can we. Their hearing, seeing, sensing, all knowing vibe is as fully incarnate as our primal instincts as humans are. And yet our capacity to be both Prey and Predator is of equal stature. Tune into your world today, see what you pick up / feel / know. Trust it and KNOW that it is TRUTH.