Today I met a woman, she is a Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist. A few minutes into our discussion we started talking about horses. She told me that years ago she was asked by a client to treat a Horse. The owner of the Horse said she had tried everything and nothing had helped her gelding calm his nerves and temperament. The Craniosacral therapist’s husband used to work with Horses and had a lot of experience in the Equine world. He went with her to treat the Horse. After just two sessions the Horse was better and according to the owner needed no further treatment. As we continued discussing the ins and outs of how sensitive horses are and the ways they respond to Cranial work, the therapist said something which stuck with me.
“With horses you cannot think of anything at all. With humans there are times where the mind can wander, but with horses this is not the case. You have to stay IN the present otherwise the session will be less effective.”

It was astonishing to me that someone who had only worked with ONE horse TWICE in her life was able to grasp the foundation of what horses ACTUALLY need. I agreed with what she said instantly as when it comes to doing healing work or simply existing with horses the one place we need live is in the now.

Overall, domesticated Horses need a lot. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually (yes spiritually). Being extremely sensitive they encourage us to step into a more intuive, empathic, courageous, and PRESENT version of ourselves.

During my Craniosacral therapy training (for humans) I remember sitting in class listening to a discussion about presence, on the slide show a picture of a Native American Indian man standing forehead to forehead with a horse appeared, it struck me as apt that the one image my teacher used to represent presence had a Horse in it. Horses are intimately woven into our heritage and this always makes me wonder; above assisting us in war, agriculture, travel & survival (amongst other things), how intrinsically our Horses have taught us to wake up to a deeper sense of who we are.

Whether we realise it consciously or not; choosing to be effectively present with a Horse demands that we arrange our consciousness a specific way in order to communicate with mutual trust and understanding.