The other day Sam and I went to the New Forest National Park for a walk, of course the first thing we actually did was find a herd of horses and sit down with them to connect. One of the mares in the herd felt particularly connected to Sam and was following him around, as we began to relax she lay down about 30 metres away from us. Sam said, ‘I feel invited to go and sit next to her, to be close.’ I said, ‘If you feel the pull, do it.’ He did, he went and lay down next to her, she proceeded to stretch out towards him and connect from her heart, consequently they shared a beautiful few moments of intimate connection.

The moral of this story is: when you feel ‘the pull,’ ‘the pull’ is very real.

My herd talk about this particular type of Invitation in our book The Healing Language of Horses, they’ve all taught me that to feel an invitation is to be invited by life to step into and feel more of who we are in the moment, whatever that looks like. It may be to physically move from one space to another, or to move in our thinking from one state to another, or to emotionally invite what is alive in us to be felt. The deeper truth here is that life is constantly inviting us in to BE PRESENT with what is, to acknowledge who we are by feeling into our foundations, our emotions, our body, our choices, our energy. Through being aware of this pull we let life move through us with more expanse and glamour.

When a horse invites us into its space that is life saying to us ‘come and acknowledge yourself as a living being, aware of itself in that life.’ It’s the same thing; we are here to be with what is in every moment because for generations we have used emotional suppression as a coping mechanism and a crutch to survive, a way to reinvent who we show the world we are in order to receive attention and love. Whilst I honour this in myself and in all of us; now it is time for us to move inward and be within the container and flow of what is alive in each moment, to let our emotions raw and be heard. When an animal invites us into its space and we feel the pull of that that is a version of truth which is a reflection of life saying to us ‘come and be with what is.’ In this way we are able to live, fully, to connect, fully, to breathe existence into each and every part of us with appreciation and respect.