Healing is a sacred act of love which unfolds in the space between presence and the impulsion for change.

About Dilara

Dilara Pataudi is an intuitive empath, animal healer and advocate for deep healing and spiritual connection.

Dilara is trained in a variety of modalities including: Equine Craniosacral Therapy, Animal Communication, Advanced Animal Healing, Reiki (Master Level), NLP (Master Level), Life Coaching and Visionary Craniosacral Therapy for humans.

Having spent many years in commitment to her own Spiritual development she now shares her gifts with others. Dilara exudes an energy of tranquillity and wisdom, alongside a natural passion to see the Divine nature of those around her. Her curiosity and desire for personal growth allows her to merge years of Equine Healing experience with her deep understanding of personal development.

Dilara has established a bond with her own herd at home in which she shares an ‘equal platform’ of connection and communication.

Allowing their message to be heard through her writing; she combines her own personal journey and unravelling with that of the voice of her horses.

My story

Working with Human and Horse…

How I work

Dilara combines Equine Craniosacral Therapy with Reiki and other animal healing techniques to ensure your horse receives the best healing possible. The first step is to asses your horse’s posture and biomechanics by watching him / her walk and stand. Once this is done the hands on work begins. A session lasts anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes.

The secondary part of Dilara’s work is to hold space for the human to voice what is relevant during the healing session. We and our horses mirror each other. There is a powerful, unseen yet felt link between human and horse at many different levels and when one side of that mirror shifts, so does the other Healing encompasses multiple avenues of change. If we want to help our Horses make deep holistic progress in their health then we must also be a part of that change by going within to where healing begins.

When working with you and your horse my primary focus is your horse’s physical alignment, it’s also important to remember that physical, emotional, and mental health are linked; trauma or distress in one area often causes or is the effect of an imbalance in another area. With horses for example; emotional stress can inhibit the natural healing mechanism inherent in their body, and in turn, physical trauma can create a sense of confusion or lack of confidence to move in a way which could stimulate healing.

Like us, Horses have the ability to hold onto the past, whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. Holding space for the healing of these wounds at a deep level through the hands on application of the modalities listed above is how I like to work with the body.

Communication is a flow of energy present in the space
between the receptive heart of both human and horse.

Within our physical body we contain all of our un-addressed / suppressed emotions, traumas, wounds – aspects of us we have “locked away” inside ourselves.

As highly sensitive beings our Horses instantly gauge our physical and emotional state. They tap into our most inner and private worlds, exposing amy uncovered pain, suffering, joy, hurt, etc.

Our realities come to a parallel as the way we feel effects the way we behave, speak, react and so much more.

Horses are excellent mirrors, they reveal our internal “world” through particular behavioural traits and it is important to remember that they are growing, learning and healing as much as we are. Knowing this helps expand our awareness of who they are and what they have to say.

There is no other animal on Earth to which we collectively live in such physical and emotional proximity. Domesticated Horses have been an integral pillar of our social, agricultural and personal standing. They have been ridden into battle, helped seed and nurture our crops, been used in sport, transport, pleasure, healing and therapy. It is time for us to give back. To nurture the relationship which already exists between both our species. To lift and shift the deep archaic wound of separation into a new perspective of what genuine love and connection really mean.

Below is a list of common physical / emotional ailments you may notice in your horse, (and possibly yourself) &  the how a healing session will support you.

– Headshaking caused by compression through the cranium (skull) – Released tension through cranial structures, energetic unwinding of ‘held’ areas through the body.
– Lack of Focus
– Feeling of decreased connection between you and your Horse – Increased connection, feeling of presence and communicational flow.
– Lack of desire for ridden work – Enhanced understanding of what your horse NEEDS and how best to provide that from his / her perspective.
– Musculoskeletal tension through body – release of tension resulting in increased mobility
– Sense of being ‘shut down’ – A more open, grounded, connected presence which you and your horse can both move forward from.


The healing modality Equine Craniosacral Therapy is a closely related to Osteopathy with the primary focus on the ‘core link’  of the body which encompasses the cranium (head) and pelvis through the connection of the spinal cord and surrounding structures.  Practitioners work with extremely light hands on techniques to engage the craniosacral system of the body. The practitioner also works with their own intention, partnering anatomical knowledge with the language of the body in a way which optimises freedom in motion and balance.

Domesticated horses, especially those in work, are regularly exposed to a variety of external influences which can cause the body to come out of alignment.  On a daily basis we see causes such as: ill-fitting tack, pull backs, improper feeding height, bad dentistry, falls, accidents in the trailer / lorry / field etc, injuries from contact during competition (especially in Polo, Show Jumping and Cross country). The simple application of bit pressure upon the Mandible (jaw) has a direct impact on the rest of the body. In Craniosacral Work we honour the fact that all bodily structures are deeply connected. The relationship between each bone in the Cranium, between the Cranium and Pelvis, the ribs, diaphragm, sternum, spine, and the list goes on. What this means is that when one part of the body is out of balance, there will be other conjoining parts which are also ‘out’ due to their immediate compensatory relationship with the original trauma. In my work I have found that a lot of these imbalances are formed around the cranium.

The Cranium, as robust as it may look, is actually an extremely sensitive mechanism. Cranial ‘sutures’ act as joints between articulating (touching) bones creating a scene of mobility in what we think would be static. I love to think of each bone having its own voice, its own reason for existing. The Equine Craniosacral Practitioner is taught to look upon every part of the body as having its own dance. We observe and connect to this dance whilst working with its movement to bring harmony.

Specific issues which can be treated with Equine Craniosacral Therapy:

Headshaking, Fascial nerve paralysis, Cribbing, Sight issues, Headaches, TMJ / TMD (Temperomandibluar Join disfunction), Lumbar spine / Sacroilliac problems, Post opp recovery regime, Misalignment of the teeth, Lameness, Hock / Stifle issues, Shying / spookiness / difficult behaviour.

Session duration: 1hr – 1hr 30 minutes
Price: £60

Every life form on this planet contains centres of energy which can also be called Chakras. Alignment within the physical works in tandem with the alignment of these Chakras. The word Chakra translates as ‘wheel’ or ‘turn’. They function in consistent movement, spinning around themselves. Reiki focusses primarily on the wellbeing of the chakras of each individual.

It is said that before the physical body (of any species) comes into existence or form, the Chakras are the initial filters of energetic information which calibrate the body into being. This alone shows the importance of making sure that our horse’s Chakras are in as much balance and alignment as possible. When one of your horse’s chakras becomes unbalanced the quality of its movement and wellbeing is significantly affected. That Chakra is a direct reflection of your horse’s state, one cannot be affected without the relevant emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects also being affected.

To Learn more about which parts of the body link to which Chakra and what emotions are held in conjunction visit: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-91/The-7-Chakras-for-Beginners.html

Session duration: 1hr – 1hr 30 minutes.
Price: £60