May all beings be respected in the nature of
their OWN magic.


ACE Animal Care in Egypt

ACE – Animal Care in Egypt have spent the last 25 years aiding thousands of Equids back to health in the bustling, intense city of Luxor, Egypt. They have walk in outpatient and inpatient clinics. A small animal practice and teach 150 local students per week during term time. The onsite veterinary team work tirelessly to ensure the animals in their care are brought back to health as responsibly and effectively as possible. Horses & Donkeys in Egypt need our continuous support.


Brooke Women’s aid in India

An estimated two-thirds of livestock keepers in developing countries – approximately 400 million – are women. Brooke works to enhance the mutually beneficial relationship women have with working horses, donkeys and mules and advocates for this relationship to be recognised in gender and livestock policy.

Women in some of the world’s poorest communities depend on working horses and donkeys to support them with physically demanding and time consuming tasks such as fetching water and food, or agricultural work like ploughing and harvesting. Without their animals, this strenuous work would need to be done manually, predominantly by women and young girls.


Save the Horses Romania

An extremely high percentage of Romanian Horses are still being used for carriage work and transport. They live in dire conditions are are exposed to treatment stimulated by an extreme lack of education and awareness. There are counties within Romania which have nearly as many Horse drawn carts as Cars. Every penny counts towards helping these beautiful beings find peace. At the moment there are various organisations looking to make a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of Romanian horses however there is a lot which needs to be done.


The Sathya Sai Sanctuary

The Sathya Sai Sanctuary was founded in 1991 for the purpose of rescuing Ireland’s “lost” donkeys, most of which are elderly, sick or injured. Over the years the Sanctuary’s work has extended to mules, ponies and a few larger horses. Numbers in care vary: young healthy donkeys may be placed in foster homes but the majority of intakes are too damaged to go elsewhere and live out their lives in the peaceful surroundings of the Bricklieve Hills.


People 4 Ponies

An equine charity based near Witheridge in Devon, specialising in helping wild and traumatised ponies. We are known for our specialist handling techniques which we have developed over the last 17 years. We are usually the last hope for ponies that have been labelled as “impossible” – those with extreme levels of fear, trauma and usually mutilations. We have helped ponies from Exmoor, Bodmin and Dartmoor.