Over the last 2 months my capacity to be present has undergone a great demand, meaning ‘being present’ has become more necessary as a vital tool of communication with my horses.
I notice the impact my personal energy field has in the herd and the level of intimacy I experience in life has a direct correlation with the level of presence I am able to cultivate on a moment by moment basis. Collectively we are all being called to bring a heightened awareness to how we manage our energy.

Over the years the Horses have taught me how to manage my OWN energy and I am always looking for different ways to fine tune my awareness of them. Their constant advice is to slow down, breathe, be open, still and silent so that I can really hear them. At times this is much easier said than done especially as I have a tendency to live life at 100 mph.

I was recently describing this overall disciplinary process to someone and the word Samurai came up.
I was explaining how the Horses are constantly challenging me to be more present, aware and observant and how I need to have the discipline of a Samurai to be in touch with them in the way I want to be.

When I looked up the general description of the word Samurai a whole load of information on military defenders and land ownership came up, however when I looked further I saw that they settled their inner roots in Zen Buddhism and were expected to live in accordance with Zen Buddhist principles and teachings.
I discovered certain attributes to my own journey with my Herd and how I feel they help me develop my ‘Samurai mind’ or ‘Samurai state’.

So I approached the herd from this place of silent witnessing and asked:

What is the Samurai Mind to the Horse? They answered:
A mind with the enabled discipline to be quiet when appropriate.
A mind which halts it’s movements whilst existing in steady action.
A mind which is both razor sharp, sturdy, and as fluid as water at the same time.
A mind which knows the Heart as it’s master teacher.
A mind with compassion & discernment as pillars of the here and now.
A mind which leaps not, instead waiting in whole stillness for the world to reveal itself.

What is a Samurai Heart to the Horse? They answered:
A heart which remains courageously open.
A heart which calls to the heart of the world around it.
A heart which allows all things to BE in it’s presence.
A heart which both leads and follows.
A heart which dances with the flow of life.
A heart which is listened to in pure acceptance.

Every day with my Horses is a fine line between discipline & fluid interaction. I am always learning to let go of any predictions of the day and instead be lead by their energy, as I become more acquainted with my own energy this process of following actually sparks a joy previously unknown to me. Surrender comes to mind, to surrender to your herd family of heart centered communicators is no effort, only in my habitual resistances do I stumble and forget where I need to be within myself. Where my own presence is the medicine of the moment, and where they are teaching me to live life in a Samurai state of mind in any situation.

As each new face of the Sun rises a fresh opportunity for this way of being unfolds before us. All it takes is the decision to find what form of conscious connection we choose to cultivate.

Lao Tzu perfectly sums up the magic of a fulfilled disciplinary experience by reminding us that – “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”