‘Everything is energy.’ – Albert Eistein

‘If you want to know the secrets to the Universe think in terms of frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla

Throughout the centuries mystics, gurus, sadhus, yogis, spiritual teachers and actually ANYONE who has dedicated a certain amount of time in exploration to the inner workings of our consciousness has come to a VERY similar conclusion which is that everything in our world IS energy. Looking at it from a modern perspective – moment to moment our bodies literally run off energy which WE generate through our breathe, digestive system, heart rate, movement patterns. Our autonomic nervous system knows exactly what it’s doing with regards to how much energy each system within the body needs in order to function at an optimal pace.

Our body also produces Kinetic energy which is set in place through movement and generates heat within the body.

Our physical body is made up of ‘energy centres’ or ‘chakras’ which emit their own frequency and vibration (& colour) depending on our emotional, mental and physical state of being.

All energy carries and is made up of information. We also have various different layers of ‘energy bodies’ which exist past our physical frame. The Ancient Egyptians believed we have 5 energy bodies, for now though we will focus on two of them –  The mental and emotional bodies.

Imagine two different circles around your physical body, both sitting between 6 – 9 inches away from each other. These are your mental and emotional bodies, the emotional body is closest to the physical body, then the mental body comes after that. Each individual body of energy carries its own form of information and is in constant flux because energy loves to move, adjust, change form, dance and flow. Energy also doesn’t every go anywhere other than HERE, it changes from one form to another. Therefore – our emotions – which are also energy – do not have an exit point as it were; they simply change form as we go through natural healing & integration processes over time.

How does this relate to communication and interaction with our Horses? Well – if everything is energy, that means WE are energy, OUR HORSES are energy and THE SPACE BETWEEN US is energy. We’ve established up to now that energy is made up of information so the question then arises – What information are we giving off and engaging into contact with with our Horses and anybody / thing / place / being for that matter.

Before we physically touch anything we first come into energetic contact with it. The initial pieces of information you are giving off AT ANY TIME are from your energy bodies rather than from what you say or do.

As Horses have enormous energy fields around them which heighten their ability to feel into their environment, sense predators and communicate with each other and the world around them (ie Mother Nature) including US. They sense our energy, thoughts and feelings often before we do.

Bringing all of this together. Our intention can be to bring conscious awareness to the fact that WE ARE ENERGY. That our body extends far beyond what we are able to SEE in the physical realm (unless you have extra-sensory abilities), that we are ALWAYS emitting some form of information and the more we are aware of our own energy bodies the more we can consciously communicate with our horses through this system of ‘invisible’ contact.

The more you are in union with your own energetic make up the more you step into union with the subtle energetic realms of your reality. As this ability within your focus increases the messages of life become less subtle and more obvious as each cellular structure of existence thrums with the power of pure energy – living essence.