Every time we touch something we are interacting in a way which tells a story. A story which is sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes in between. The way we provide physical contact is COMPLETELY derivative of who we ARE in that moment. Thoughts, feeling, beliefs, ancestral energy, intentions all flow through us in the very instant we make physical contact with anything.

If you image yourself as a lighthouse constantly streaming off infinite forms of energy which light up the way for others to SEE and be illuminated by who you are, then how we give and receive touch is simply another form of self expression and energy emission.

To get Sciency, physical touch activates and releases a myriad of hormones within the brain including Oxytocin known as the ‘feel good’ hormone. Oxytocin increases our sense of connection, compassion and trust. Physical touch also increases our levels of serotonin & dopamine, two neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) which assist the regulation of mood, body temperature, appetite and our body’s pleasure systems.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the most effective & loving way to bring a specific form of energy to Horses (and people). I have observed that with both Horses AND Humans HOW we make physical contact has the potential to either bring peace or a reminder of pain, with all of this in mind our bodies (and our Horses’ bodies) are here to be respected and witnessed as highly intelligent receivers of information.

Domesticated Horses are ‘handled’ from a very young age. Through various disciplinary training methods HOW they are ‘handled’ literally becomes the staple for long term behavioral traits. It’s easy to notice a Horse who has been badly handled and a horse who has been handled with love and care from the get go.

Consider a being as highly sensitive as a Horse, if we just walk into their environment and start willy nilly placing our hands all over them without the conscious awareness of how we are making contact with their bodies then those Horses who do not have the freedom to move away (due to being tied up or in a small stable etc) become receivers of our lack of awareness of their needs in the moment.

The opposite of course also applies. When we are conscious of how EVERY SINGLE touch makes a difference and IS COMMUNICATING something then we can begin to really utilise this form of interaction as a means of sharing our intentions in a loving and harmonious way.

This time of isolation has reminded me how important physical contact is and what happens when we do and don’t have it in our lives. It’s made every touch I share with my Horses more acute.

Feeling a Horse’s body soften & release under your hand it is a priceless experience, when you make contact with any other being you make contact with an expression of their Soul and every moment together is an opportunity to become more conscious of that.