We all have a choice. We are born with free will, many people may tell us otherwise but the truth is that we are all wrapped in this gift from the day we step into this world.

I have been going through deep heart ache recently. Moving in and out of waves of extreme anger, uncomfortability, joy, hurt, sadness, rage, bliss. All the while asking my being to show me how I can make productive use of my own awareness and focus. Energy flows where intention goes and everything is energy.

Our personal energy has a velocity to it which capitalizes itself when we become conscious of our ability to choose it’s placement. So within all these emotions I have also been focussing on what my highest choice right now is and what, through choosing, will I create as a result. I believe freedom and free will as experiences walk hand in hand. We often feel free as we learn to cultivate more space in our lives to expand and integrate into. Having options means that we can exercise our power to create circumstance through the awareness of our potential.

The authenticity of free will really comes into effect when we notice the results our choices have on the external world. What we choose effects our beliefs, our bodies, our voices, our actions, our experiences, our friends, our families, our planet and what we choose, according to the laws of this universe, chooses us right back. Taking responsibility for our outcomes is everything right now and sensing the empowerment which is generated within us as a result of this awareness.

As we are always either making conscious or unconscious choices throughout the day, let’s become mindful of our creative birthright and CONSCIOUSLY choose to place our focus into what we want to construct RIGHT NOW. Amidst great change there is are always greater choices.

Are we choosing fear or love? Are we choosing to create? Are we choosing to come together and be present for others? Are we choosing to feel and be open? Are we choosing to let ourselves be seen and heard in authenticity?