In a world were we are in the large part told that perfection exists in a form media based and biased design it has become increasingly common to approach life mind and model first. In many spiritual cultures & traditions there is a common belief that the mind needs to be ‘gotten rid of’ or moved away from in order to find ‘bliss / samadhi / nirvana’ etc or again a ‘perfect’ version of happiness, however what if we saw the mind as a tool, an incredibly malleable, adaptable, absorbent tool which is capable of becoming aware of itself! I am continuously learning how to become conscious of my relationship with my mind. That being said – balance in all things as within this ‘mind forward’ society a disconnect from our ability to feel has developed.

The art of emotional suppression presents itself in nearly every household in the western world.

We are told to ‘calm down, reign it in, stop being angry / sad / afraid, man up, control yourself and to ultimately CONFORM to a more comfortable state of being for the company we are in to deal with or experience. However, this perspective is changing rapidly and what we are now seeing is a steady increase in acceptance of the emotional body and our ability (superpower) to FEEL the world we live in and the world which is unfolding within us.

When we suppress our emotions the slip up is that we think they have disappeared into some invisible realm, never to be discovered again, when actually we end up carrying them around within our consciousness, using our body as the storage block. Our cells, our muscles, our bones, our joints, our skin, our organs all carry different emotional charges. The body is a fantastic container of information. When a particular ‘dis-ability’ within it arises i.e. illness, pain, mis-alignment etc we will often turn to any excuse for it’s presence other than the emotional charge which that part of our body is carrying first and foremost. Emotion makes itself manifest through the art of physical expression, in this way, your body is ALWAYS talking to you. Gifting you with messages.

Molecular biologist Dr. Candace Pert refers to the body as a representation of our subconscious mind. She says ‘past experiences, conditioning & habits are all stored in the body at the cellular level, providing a framework through which we relate to the world.’ Psychoneuroimmunology is a scientific term coined to represent the effect and thus inherent link between our mental, emotional and physical state of being. It is a study which pin-points our awareness towards an unconscious process we are all able to step into consciously by becoming more mindful of our body, making time to connect to it, to breath into it, to voice what is present there. When we do, we discover that the power to heal or shift into a different vibrational state exists by the fortitude of our capacity to feel.

So how does all of this relate to Horses?

Feeling and expressing our emotions makes us more raw, more real and much easier to connect to as, when we do, we turn towards our truth. Our horses need that! They need authenticity in our energy and they are wired for connection just like we are. Within Equine / Human interaction it doesn’t matter what you say or do because the Horses will pick up on what is going on behind your words and actions anyway. They are always corresponding with a higher expression of self.

It doesn’t benefit a horse to be in your presence if you are not being present with yourself. Plus the fact that a lot of the time with our Horses there is a reflectivity pattern going on etween you both which means that if you are NOT feeling something your horse will let you know by triggering (through their behaviour) the exact emotion you are running away from. To get you to FEEL, so that they ultimately feel more connected to you. Having your emotions rumbled around like that can feel very vulnerable and everyone who spends a lot of time with horses knows that being with them is a sure fire way to get to know YOURSELF. They are here to connect with us as much as we are here to connect with them and this is partly their way of doing that!

If you are wondering why your Horse is behaving a certain way around you make a clear practice of getting in ‘touch’ with how you are REALLY feeling. What is your most authentic expression? Let your emotions move through you, breath, write, voice them out loud, shout, move, whatever way works best JUST DO IT and watch how your Horse turns towards you as a mirror of how you have chosen to do the same.

In loving action there is always a filling point which catalyses our potential for growth. FEELING is one of those points, and it is perfectly allowed.