The more I learn about the human body the more I am blown away by it’s artistry. I feel the same about a Horse’s body – how they move, the perfect intricacies of instinct finding balance. I could stare at pictures of Horses in motion for hours and one of my favourite parts of ‘work’ is to notice the postural and biomechanical make up of the Horse first. It is like a clockwork puzzle with infinite variants of cause, the insatiable, kind and wild Spirit within being one of them.

The physical body in general – that of any being – is designed for homeostasis, i.e. to continually find the tipping point of perfect balance in order to not only survive, but to thrive in it’s immediate environment. There are so many limits we can push ourselves to, unseen boundaries known solely by the body’s inhabitant and, even so, it is our CONSTANT home. Therefore – understanding the mechanics of how it actually works is beyond extraordinary. For instance, how and what we see. When our eyes are open they receive one thing and one thing only, light. Light in all it’s different frequencies enters the eye and immediately causes the physicality of the eye to adjust, then, as Nick Baker so perfectly states; ‘the real magic happens at the back of the eye, the retina. This converts the energy of light into electrical impulses which communicate with the brain.’ These electrical impulses travel through the optic nerves to the back of the brain where we flip the image and then turn it from two into one. Bear in mind all this happens in about 0.15 seconds!

So, if what we see is computed at the back of the brain then the question immediately arises, what are we actually seeing? How do we get to know that what we are seeing is what it is?

Another point I find fascinating with regards to how we experience our environment is our innate appreciation of beauty. The feeling which ignites when we see the golden, yellow and red hues of a sunset. Or the magic of a canvas painted landscape inviting wild coast lines, lush foliage, and a winter’s pale expanse of rest. Or the delicate movement of muzzle to muzzle in curiosity and greeting. It is our Heart which responds to beauty, our innate knowing that what we are taking in cultivates an instant sense of bliss, appreciation and loving emotion. Is our awareness of beauty therefore, something as instinctual as breathing? An archaic stream of recognition within us which operates at that unconsciously playful level of our existence.

For me Horses paint the perfect picture of this experience, they represent power in every part of what they are and yet are somehow subtly diverse beyond reason. They cause you to look beneath the surface and to re-register what we think we knew about them. They say ‘if you want to witness who I really am; peer into the spaces where we meet and know each other in harmony.’ Choosing to establish a deep connection with a Horse creates a movement, whether you want it to or not there is a visceral generation of energy in the physical body which tells us what is happening, our ‘home’ becomes the poet of the moment and this energy, in turn, creates a healing as it is quite simply pure, undiluted awareness. I believe Horses share this healing frequency, that they benefit from this connection as much as we do and together, through the eternal reflection they represent, we remember how to see with the light of the Heart.