What is change but a multidimensional and multi-sensory aspect of life? Of all life in fact. Heraclitus’ vigil of truth relating to the fact that – ‘the only constant in life is change’ – pertains to our incredible ability as beings and perceivers to adjust; to both take hold AND let go. To live in a paradox of meanings. When change rises in a form which, through it’s all-knowing capacity, challenges us to feel more than we could have believed possible, to ride crests of emotion previously unchartered by our inner understanding & drawn out map of the world. It is the courageous Soul who leaps off the edge of reason, free-falling into the spiraling realm of becoming re-made. A place where the elements take us, where the wind strips us bare and the Sun coaxes new particles of existence to life. One beating Heart’s song of wild, loving creation.

For all we know, this place of morphing adjustment rests inside our very being. A mirrored tunnel reflecting who we have been and every potential flare of experience waiting to be witnessed. What does it mean to be a resided visionary of the external? Such a wonderfully impossible feat. It is the power whirling within which harbours us gently through the fire of regrowth, when will we begin to dance alongside this flame and reflect it’s movement in the flow of our resoundingly constant pilgrimage towards enlightenment.

In my own life I have known and chosen much change. When I look back I see it was and still is a way for me to feel more of life. To ebb and flow through the countless possibilities of our Human make up, a monadic muscle being born along the way. I like to see the world as a painted canvas of who we are, every moment the painting shifts in colour, texture, and potential. Our breathe re-forging the world anew. This shift initially occurs inside us, because all that is seen has to primarily exist in and come from the seer his/herself thus everyone’s canvas becomes exquisitely unique, the thread of life belonging solely to the individual – to you.

Sometimes I wonder – What if we could control change, would we want to? What if the fact that potential exists in this Universe is the same fact which moulds us. Filling up the spaces we generate through our own desire to expand.