Absolutely everything has an energy to it. All things, all time and space, every thing in existence. All categories of life, words, thoughts, actions, dreams.

Like a flower we expand towards the light. Even in the darkness of our being in that contracted state of fear the flower is still present, still exists.

Light is a bearer of truth. It moves through the space of constancy which we see around us. Enlightening each being and holding space in breathe and presence. The Horse’s light is grandiose, it moves in waves encompassing the fabric of ’emptiness’. It dives into the Earth connecting with sacred grids of the planet and shapes of the Universe. There is a feeling of mystery which lies past the veil of understanding and deep inside the movement of your own Soul. The animals of this planet know this, they work WITH their Divine Nature. Trusting signals, listening deeply and displaying acts of kindness far beyond the average human realm. It is time to remember where we are this kind. By settling into your own light, your own being, witness how your Horses’ behaviour changes.
In the finite eclipses of sheltered expression there will be gestures calling you to understand.

Find the place filled with light between you and your Horse. Sit in it. Become one with it. Know it as your kin, it is fertile ground for awakening.

From the Earth to the Sky the same running current flows, no one party exists more frequently than the other. In some ways we are here to heal and in our healing we unravel the magic lying dormant there.

The perfection of remembrance held tightly to your core. An idea of a right or wrong way is an idea of an ideal, it is YOUR UNIQUE way which holds creation in balance. Making for your Horse to expand into.